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Third post about Ebooks Tree: Its URL has changed (and why that may be important to you)

Please be advised that Ebooks Tree's URL no longer ends in .com (ebooks-tree.com); it now ends in .net (ebooks-tree.net). Further, ebooks-tree.com now redirects to ebooks-tree.net. I believe that this change may have been made by Ebooks Tree to avoid having to take down stolen material, which means that in order to have stolen material removed from the site, one needs to submit a DMCA complaint letter to abuse@moniker.com (Moniker is Ebooks Tree's hosting site) with the altered links to one's works.

When I search for my name, I no longer find any works listed for me on an author's page (who knows how long that will last?), but there remains available a "Full Version" download option of my works. When I click the relevant link, I'm directed to an account-creation page and told that there are works of mine available on the site.

This is all as hinky as hell! >:(

And now I'm off to request that the "Full Version" is removed.

My first post about this topic.

My second post about this topic.

ETA: My works appear to have been completely removed.
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