Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Wand Work (PG; OMC, implied Snarry; 130 words)

Hiatus involves a lot of waiting, so I've been doing a bit of writing—still on hiatus, though. *waves goodbye for now*

[info]crystalusagi prompted me with Snarry: meddling, and I wrote a future ficlet set in the Getting Severus Married universe. Thank you, arynwy, for beta'ing!

Wand Work (PG; OMC, implied Snarry; 130 words): Severus and Harry realise, too late, that only they should have access to the manor's security wards.


"—of here!"



"I mean it, Aries! You release us this ins—"




One yawn led to another, but Aries wouldn't budge.

I've got all night, arseholes, he thought, shifting on the pillow he'd Summoned and resting his wand arm on his knees.

He wasn't supposed to be using his wand in this manner, but then, Severus wasn't supposed to be fighting with Harry—or was it Harry who was fighting with Severus? Even after so many years, it was hard to tell.

"Come on, Aries," Harry called, in a wheedling, friendly tone. "We apologise for fighting on your birth—"




"Damnation!" shouted Severus.

"—day! Please let us out?"




"No!" Aries shot back. Not until you shag and make up.
Tags: drabbles/ficlets, getting severus married, harry potter, original male character, severus snape, severus/harry, snarry

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