Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Missing Her (PG-13; Snape/Tonks; 100 words)

[info]stuttermoan prompted me with Snape/Tonks: whisper, and I wrote, Missing Her (PG-13; Snape/Tonks; 100 words):

"Must get going—he'll miss me."

It's a whisper, but to Severus, it reverberates as loudly as a scream.

"And he does so love me," she continues, pulling on her ridiculous top.

Severus inhales and holds the smoke in his lungs.

"Fags're bad for you." She straddles him. "Haven't you heard?"

Severus exhales into her face.

She Vanishes his fag. "He'll. Miss. Me."

Severus slides his hands up inside her shirt. "So you've said. Repeatedly."

She groans and wriggles off him. "You'll miss me, too."

"No, I'll be too busy checking myself for fleas."

With a wink, she's gone.

Tags: drabbles/ficlets, nymphadora tonks, severus snape, snape/tonks

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