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Round Three of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest has concluded: master list & call for suggestions

Note: This post was originally made at InsaneJournal and moved to LiveJournal on 7 July 2014. Some links may no longer be valid.

Round Three of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest has concluded. This round, 80 meme entries and two fic entries were submitted. I enjoyed reading everyone's entries—thank you, participants!—and I'm looking forward to Round Four, which is currently scheduled to begin 1 September 2008.

I invite all participants and watchers to respond to this post with suggestions for Round Four. Should it be all about the meme entries? Should I change the start date? Please feel free to leave any feedback you like. ♥

Master List of Entries for Round Three

Aragog: By xhollowxliesx @ LJ, here.

Black, Regulus: By elsane, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

By m_steelgrave, here.

Black, Sirius: By pink-faerie81 @ LJ, here.

Brown, Lavender: By silvernatasha, here.

Bulstrode, Millicent: By cliffhanged @ LJ, here.

By fran06, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Corner, Michael: By kaymbee, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Creevey, Colin: By chaeldub, here.

By phil_urich @ LJ, here.

Creevey, Dennis: By nope, here.

Delacour, Gabrielle: By nope, here.

Dumbledore, Albus: By pocochina, here.

A second one by pocochina, here.

Evans, Lily: By opheliet, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Flume, Mrs.: By lionille, here.

Goldstein, Anthony: By neversleeps, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

By tuileries @ GJ, here.

Goyle, Gregory: By phil_urich @ LJ, here.

Granger, Hermione: By inell, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

By soberloki, here.

Granger and Wand Magic, Hermione: By cloverdew @ LJ, here.

By zoneone, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Grey Lady, The: By soberloki, here.

Hagrid, Rubeus: By stasia, here.

Johnson, Angelina: By jumbled_words, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Jordan, Lee: By nope, here.

Lestrange, Bellatrix: By andromeda3116 @ LJ, here.

Lestrange, Rabastan: by snapesgirl_62, here.

Lestrange, Rodolphus: snapesgirl_62, here.

Longbottom, Neville: By inspired_ideas, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Lovegood, Luna: By elfwreck, here.

Lupin, Remus: By snegurochka_lee, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Lupin, Teddy: By insanguinare-x @ LJ, here.

Lupin, Teddy Remus: By anoiwrites @ LJ, here.

Macnair, Walden: By parisintherainx @ LJ, here.

Malfoy, Abraxas: By blpaintchart, here.

Malfoy, Lucius: By blpaintchart, here.

Malfoy, Narcissa: By jaded_angel, here.

Malfoy, Scorpius: By lilian_cho, here.

By libby_drew, here.

Fic based on the above meme entry: Sins of the Fathers, by blamebrampton @ LJ, and Some Things Never Change, by bubl @ GJ.

McGonagall, Minerva: By mindabbles, here.

McKinnon, Marlene: By dementedina @ LJ, here.

Montague: By maniacalmuse @ LJ, here.

Parkinson, Pansy: By blpaintchart, here.

Pomfrey, Poppy: By florahart, here.

Potter, Albus Severus: By apocalypsewoman @ LJ, here.

By lilian_cho, here.

Potter, Ginny Weasley: By carrickorourke @ LJ, here.

By pettybureaucrat, here.

Potter's Glasses, James: By pocochina, here.

Potter, Harry: By heather, here (links to a LJ post).

Potter, Harry (Harlena): By apocalypsewoman @ LJ, here (AU).

Puddifoot, Madame: By lionille, here.

Quirrell, Quirinus: By nope, here.

Rosmerta, Madam: By lionille, here.

Sinistra, Aurora: By snapesgirl_62, here.

Snape, Severus: By blpaintchart, here.

Snape, Portrait of Severus: By florahart, here.

Snape's Relationship with Lily Evans, Severus: By iulia_linnea, here.

Sprout, Pomona: By blpaintchart, here.

Tonks, Andromeda Black: By inell, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Tonks, Nymphadora: By author_by_night @ LJ, here.

Trelawney, Sybill: By nope, here.

Voldemort, Lord: By lunalelle, here.

Weasley, Charlie: By florahart, here.

Weasley, Fred: By blpaintchart, here.

Weasley, Ginny: By nope, here.

Weasley, Hugo: By faynia, here.

By fiction_goddess @ LJ, here.

By inell, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Weasley, Percy: By eaivalefay, here.

Weasley, Ronald: By zoneone, here (links to a LiveJournal post).

Weasley, Rose: By florahart, here.

By merusa @ LJ, here.

Weasley, Victoire: By author_by_night @ LJ, here.

By ceria, here.

Whomping Willow, The: By lionille, here.

Zabini, Blaise: By nope, here.

By royalty25 @ LJ, here.
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