Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Random linkies of WS happiness

TIL about Olga of Kiev [this one's only happy-making if you're the bloodthirsty type], who was not a leader with whom to be trifled (Scroll up for Olga's lovely portrait after reading what she did to the Drevlians). What does it say about our relationship that Shog sent me this link, saying, "Here's a woman after your own heart?" I know what it says about me that I sent Shog a link to Tom McFadden's YouTube page: I like cool teachers who encourage their students in innovative ways (Tom encourages his students to create rap vids of what they're studying—fun!). I also like kick-ass McCoy-related tee shirts! *snaps up*

In other happy news, Taylor Townsend didn't let the sizist cretins get her down, Levar Burton thanked the donors who funded his dream to bring back Reading Rainbow, a 1980 Star Wars adaptation was discovered, this depressed goat was reunited with his best friend, Frostie the Snow Goat can walk, and mountain-climbing kitty is a cat after Merva's own heart.

Oh, and puppy + baby boy = warm fuzzy naptimes. :D
Tags: links, vids

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