Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Grief Takes a Hero (PG; Draco, Colin, Harry; 100 words)

[info]eaivalefay prompted me with Colin Creevey, Harry Potter (slash or gen at your preference): still, artistry, grant, and I wrote Grief Takes a Hero (PG; Draco; Colin, Harry; 100 words): Post-war, the dreams never quite make sense.

"Yes, that I grant you," Malfoy said. "He's vastly improved—"

The artistry of Colin's wrist as it turned, just so, upon the dial caught Harry's attention; everything faded. What adjustment is he making?

He had to wonder; he knew precious little of still photography.

"—in death."

Harry pushed Malfoy away and broke into a run. "Colin wasn't a 'that'!"

By the time he reached the cold spot where his friend had fallen, there was only a bloody mess of film upon the ground.

"Better than entrails, I suppose."

Harry drew his wand and hissed, "It should have been you, Malfoy."
Tags: colin creevey, drabbles/ficlets, draco malfoy, harry potter

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