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Welcome to Subtextual Healing!

My name is [personal profile]iulia_linnea/[personal profile] iulia_linnea/[personal profile]iulia_linnea/[personal profile]iulia_linnea. Severus Snape is my little black dress of the Harry Potter fandom; I'm also an unrepentant pairing (and genre) whore—I like gen, too! With the exception of Getting Severus Married, my fic is publicly posted at the Archive of Our Own.

snapecase's third set of entries has posted!

FIC: Nine (PG-13)

FIC: Power the Dark Lord Knows Not (G)

ART: Gotcha (G)

ART: Headmaster Snape (G)

FIC: Flight (PG)



This morning, I woke up to find my phone's browser opened to the Amazon page for Tall, Dark, and Wriggly. My sleep zombie has interesting reading habits. *snorts*

The moon is bright, high, and full, and there's only the slightest chill outside. Time to walk!

Have a good day, my friends! (Yes, that's an order. :P)


Dried Birthday Flowers

Me: "They're just so beautiful now—all dried and blackened and spotted."

Shog: "So when I consult the manual to find out if I've married a goth . . . ."

Me: "I'm a recovering goth—just kidding. There's no Cure."

Shog: *snorts; kisses*

(It's not just goth stuff; I love Victoriana, too. :P)
Shog: "I see that you've broken out your Gryffindor scarf—which you obviously stole from their common room."

Me: "Who's to say I didn't come by it honestly by fucking a Gryffindor?"

Shog: "It wasn't me."

Me: "I know."

Shog: "Badgers rule. All others drool!"


snapecase's second set of entries has posted!

ART: One Day My Owl Will Come (G): He has such high hopes...

FIC: A Whiff of Cordite (PG-13): A child never understands the entire story. Sometimes, neither does the man.

FIC: Difficult Creatures (G): Albus' former student has a way with all sorts of difficult creatures.

FIC: With Nothing On My Tongue (PG-13): And even though it all went wrong/I'll stand before the Lord of Song/With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah…

FIC: Life's Unexpected Turns (PG-13): Severus survives the war, and his life takes an unexpected turn.


LJ oddness and the latest snapecase entry.

LJ won't allow me to change icons or allow the comments to display on entries right now; I'm sure it's temporary. My comment on today's snapecase entry, Life's Unexpected Turns (PG-13), is displaying in the count, but its text doesn't display. Again, I'm sure that this is temporary, and that any comments left in reply to the fest entries will show up sooner rather than later. *hopes*

I'll post the set wrap shortly. :)


Today's snapecase entry may be a tad delayed due to LJ-related oddness. Hopefully, I'll be able to post it before 8:30 a.m., but if not, I'll post it as soon as possible.


Happy birthday, Severus

I have a special love for the creators of the Snape Showcase and their works; they bring Severus to life in unexpected ways each time I host the fest. This run is no exception. *'s creators*

On Severus' birthday, I feel duty bound to all Snape-o-philes to point out that today's snapecase offering, With Nothing On My Tongue (PG-13), will make you cry—but you'll welcome the tears. Meant by its author as an homage to Alan Rickman and Leonard Cohen, it's one to Severus, as well.

Reading it, I felt as though I were being introduced to Severus anew; for someone who loves Severus, there is no greater gift than that one.


Take my husband . . .

Because I've been so pleased by how long and shiny my nails have grown, Shog thought I might want to see Jesus getting his nails painted (WS, sacrilegious).

My reply was, "Too soon, honey."

His was, "Even after all this time?"

*rolls eyes*


Got babies?

hp_bunintheoven's first ever Pregnancy (prompt) fest opens tomorrow!

(Relevant icon is relevant: Violets and Belladonna {NC-17; Snape/Hermione; 3410 words}: "Ronald" was never truly an option.)

P.S. How do you take your Snape?
snapecase's first art entry has posted with One Day My Owl Will Come (G). :D

Speaking of Severus . . .

Poll #2060811 How do you take your Snape?

I prefer my Snape in . . .

gen fan works.
het fan works.
slash fan works.
any fan works at all!

I take my Snape as . . .

Sneasley (any Weasley ship, including Perverus!)
Snimself (or Sno one)

OMG, no! I take my Snape as [insert portmanteau]!

My Snape never cries.

Yes, but only under very specific circumstances!
Tears are for the weak.

Snape's ticky . . .

is none of your concern.
is bigger than yours.

This won't hurt you, promise!

From the I Meant to Post this Days Ago File: Please to be clicking on this entirely WS link and ask yourself, "Self, what's this?" Then come back and click the cut to discover the answer. *whistles*

Read more...Collapse )


snapecase's first set of entries has posted:

FIC: The Big Book of Secrets (PG): The book is big and full of secrets, and Severus is determined to make it reveal them to him.

FIC: Choosing Sides (NC-17): Severus isn't so much choosing sides as he is taking what he can get.

FIC: A Glimmer of Hope (PG): After a mysterious encounter in the Room of Requirement, Severus gains a small glimmer of hope where before there was only despair.

FIC: Solve et Coagula (G): Draco Malfoy needs to tell Severus Snape something, even if he can only speak to his former teacher's portrait. The portrait has something to tell Draco, as well.

FIC: Some Terrific Evening (PG): Severus and Hermione catch the tooth fairy in their daughter's bedroom; they aren't the only ones.


Suddenly, I have too much to READ.

I made a READ folder for my bookmarks toolbar last night, and today, I made a READ, TOO folder. Cleaning out some old bookmarks, I found yet another READ folder. I don't think this strategy of mine is a good one. :P

Shog is now sick and resisting my efforts to make him feel better because decongestant and pain killer "only mask the problem." The problem, my love, is that you don't feel well and are beginning to annoy me. *rolls eyes* He's gone to bed, but his dog has not followed him:

Hearth Dog

Our comfort-loving dog loves the hearth; it was only a matter of time . . . .

I shall say goodnight—Goodnight!—and leave you with some links, all WS:

Chirrut and Baze fanart.

Surprisingly adorable:
Dancing baby skates.

Tolkien meets donut meets moron.

And a very good man.
Shog used LJ-Dump to save all my comms (and their comments!) to disk in XML, so they won't just disappear if LJ does. Hooray!

And now, a picture of Albus, Merva, and Shog keeping warm by the fire (followed by silliness):

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Oh, dear. Shog has just asked me, "So how long have I been this bald?" I think he's seen the picture. (A long time, my love, a long time.) *goes to snuggle him; waves*

P.S. under the cut . . .

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Albus made it known that he had business to conduct immediately, which I found odd because we hadn't been inside that long since his last walk. Nevertheless, I took him out, only to discover that his "business" was landing on the pond: a huge flock of geese. Even with the hood, the dog can see quite well. He made a perfect point, and I said (stupidly), "Okay, Albus, I see the—" That's how I almost ended up in the pond, "okay" being his release word. Several repetitions of his release phrase, "Leave it!" later, I got him back under control. He then caught sight of our mama fox, who lost herself at once, and then, my irritatingly alert dog saw the old brown dog noodling on the far bank of the pond and took off around it, dragging me after him.

Albus loves the old brown dog, and I love Albus, but I do not enjoy being dragged through rain and mud. Post-bath, Albus is snuggling with Shog. I want a bath, myself, but poor Zelda's stomach is upset. I need to clean up after her and cuddle her before I can get warm.

It's going to be a day.

In other news, snapecase's first two entries have comments on them, which is good considering everyone's panic over the server move. I hope that people will have a chance to enjoy the fest in between bouts of backing up their journals.

Oh, and I'm making new friends in spite of the potential impending doom of LJ, which is both unexpected and lovely. :D
We just got back to the house and are already on our way out again, but I wanted to share this before we left: Dreamwidth's had something in the neighborhood of 100,000 new accounts created in the past two weeks. Many of the new users are Russian and Ukrainian speakers, but no one on staff speaks Russian and Ukrainian. If you do, DW is looking for volunteers to occasionally help with support requests.
I wish that AO3 had a blogging component (and media hosting); I would feel more . . . emotionally secure about using such a platform. That said, I don't believe it would be any more secure than any platform anywhere else. Online security seems, well, mythic to me, so I back up my fic and images and hope for the best.

In the wake of the news that LiveJournal moved its servers to Russia, I wondered what to do about my communities: I wanted to back them up; people contributed some great works to them—but those creators made their contributions to LJ fests, never thinking that they might be moved elsewhere. I don't believe that I have the legal or moral right to move their works (or the comments their works received), and there is no way I could get every participant's permission to do so even if I had the time and inclination to track them down toward migrating my fests, which I do not.

The upshot of all this is that, while LJ's been my fandom home since '04 and it would gut me if something happened to it, sometimes, things die, and going forward, I'm just going to grieve them and move on when they do. Should LJ die, I'll continue to archive my work at AO3 and remain [personal profile]iulia_linnea/[personal profile] iulia_linnea/[personal profile]iulia_linnea.

P.S. I have the fic and art files of every mod-posted fest I've ever hosted. If you participated in hogwarts_houses, severus_shorts, the sshg_promptfest, snapecase, or the snuna_exchange and are missing a work or works, get in touch with me! I'd be happy to send you your work(s).

snapecase 2017 has begun!

snapecase 2017 has begun with Anonymous', The Big Book of Secrets (PG)! (There was no way I was getting up at eight in the morning. :P)

Happy Snapecase, everyone! *dances*


2016 got in one last (potential) hit . . .

You'll have seen this elsewhere, but apparently, LJ's moved/is in the process of moving its servers from the U.S. to Russia. I'm not sure what this means for fandom activity here, but I've taken steps to ensure that snapecase will run without incident should LJ implode by creating [info]snapecase.

In the meantime, I am [personal profile]iulia_linnea/[personal profile] iulia_linnea/[personal profile]iulia_linnea/[personal profile]iulia_linnea. LJ is still my primary and preferred journal, and I don't know what I will do if it disappears entirely. Shog's grabbed my photos, and I have all my fic and fest entries (from every fest I've ever run) saved to disk, so I'm not going to worry about the impending back-up hassles that I will soon face. The tears, they threaten . . . .

On that note, happy fucking New Year! And happy fucking anniversary to me and Shog! snapecase begins later today. And now, it's back to the celebration to drink more than is wise.


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